The Brand

MIKKY MELON is the contemporary brand which defines luxury accessories with versatility in comfort and style experiencing individual expression with ZEITGEIST.
The modern vision of the MIKKY MELON triangle logo ∆∆ in gold and silver portrays the designation for individuality and momentum.

The Collection

Made with the highest quality leather and craftsmanship the MIKKY MELON ∆∆ leather goods are aligned with innovative techniques, new materials as well as custom-designed hardware for MIKKY MELON ∆∆.

It is designed for those who recognize quality and function, someone who is captivated by versatile styles and further more inspired by adaptive comfort with special care to details.
It’s edgy yet contemporary minimalistic makes the MIKKY MELON ∆∆ soft leather bag as a statement piece with timeless sophistication.

The Designer

With her multicultural background and international experiences in fashion, the designer and ceo Zehra Cataltepe alias Mikky has been gathered an intense expertise in the fields of product development and management in leading luxury fashion companies in New York, London, Milan, Berlin and Seoul where she specialized in accessories: 

"Early in life, curiosity and sensibility helped me to understand and endeavour my position in between of two cultures creating the best of both parts my entire life. Therefore identification and individuality are key for me. Along that way I’ve evolved a strong feeling to express myself and started with drawings and paintings which converted into my passion and need - that was the time when I was discovering -Fashion. Ever since then I met open-minded personalities, metropolitan individuals, hedonists and visionaries all over the world speaking the same language. Especially my stage of life in New York City hit a turning point as I was adapting the lifestyle and way of thinking in a fast moving society and environment where innovative process is bread-and-butter.

Today I’m a Global-politan“ - With MIKKY MELON ∆∆ I want to perform the new generations ZEITGEIST into tangible values which are epic with an incredible entity enriching the sophisticated attitude of citizens of the world."